Thomas Trum

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Poeldonkweg 5
5216 JX
The Netherlands

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Gallery Gerhard Hofland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Galerie Conrads, Berlin, Germany
The Hole NYC, New York, USA

Photo by Pauline Niks

Thomas Trum (The Netherlands,1989) is a painter and is particularly fascinated by the idea of leaving behind traces. Trum explores the abstract. He works within a self-imposed, restrictive framework that exclusively focuses on line and colour, spanning various scales from paper to facades.

Research into materials, techniques, and spatial composition are at the heart of his work. He often creates his works on a large scale and develops unconventional tools including giant felt-tip pens and custom-built rotating spraying machines. 

Intrigued by large vehicles such as agricultural machinery, which operate with maximum in a rhythmic pattern, Trum experiments with these techniques to continuously discover new ways to create images. The extensive preparations contrast with the execution of the final work, which sometimes only takes a couple of minutes. An interaction between human and tool, like a choreography, for applying the line on the surface in the best way possible. You can see the physicality in his works, a movement captured in colour.

Using the studio as a place for his ongoing study in a clearly recognizable, colourful and abstract visual language.