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Each copy is part of Two Colour Changing Lines of 36000 cm Sprayed on 1500 book covers, 2023

Number of pages 640
Language English

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ISBN 978-94-92852-86-1
Book size 16.5 x 24 cm
Book weight 1.5 kg

Artist Thomas Trum
Texts Charlotte Hoitsma, Irene Fortuyn, Hannah Sweering
Editing Eleonoor Jap Sam, Thomas Trum, Mieke Billekens, Simone Trum, Loes van Esch
Design Team Thursday (Loes van Esch & Simone Trum)
Translation The Art of Translation (Marie Louise)
Schoondergang, Hannah Sweering
Printing Zwaan Lenoir
Lithography Marco Kokkelkoren
Language English
Publisher Jap Sam Books
With the support of Jaap Harten Fonds